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Why you should frequently move your spa and exam table?

February 25 2022 , Written by SEO Solution Expert Published on #dental bed, #best spa treatment bed

Puking is common among children. There are no noses to follow. It is impossible to stop the bleeding. It dribbles blood. There is a spillage of liquids. These contaminants have the potential to contaminate the dental bed, exam table, the floor around the exam table, and even the floor beneath the exam table itself. When these drugs find their way to the floor or under an exam table, they are frequently forgotten about since they are no longer in plain sight.

Hidden drugs, on the other hand, might pose significant health concerns to you and your patients, as well as cost your business time and money in the long term. To keep your exam table clean, here are three reasons why it is necessary to shift it frequently:

Prevent slips and falls 

Maintaining safe and hygienic facilities is critical to the success of medical professionals in their pursuit of treating and enhancing the health of patients. When flooring is wet as a result of any number of things being spilt or dripped on them, a slip or fall is more likely to occur than when they are dry. Grave injury, lost workdays, reduced productivity, lifelong disability, or even death can result from these mishaps.

Contributes to the prevention of hospital germs & infections

Many researches have been discovered that support the idea that shoe bottoms are a vector for pathogenic diseases. Liquids that have spilt or dripped onto the floor can transfer to shoe bottoms and spread to adjacent surfaces, and things that have been thrown onto the floor have the potential to transmit germs.

The ability of your exam tables to assist prevents healthcare-associated infections and not add to them is more crucial than ever at a time when infectious illnesses are quickly transforming the healthcare landscape.

Protect your facilities and exam tables from being damaged

Fluid spills or drips, if left to dry, can leave sticky, hard, discolored spots on the floor or exam table, which can be hazardous to patients. It is possible that as a result of this, the exam table could become stuck to the floor and will cost thousands of dollars in damage to the facility and its equipment when moved for cleaning, relocation, or repair.

When it comes to maintaining a busy healthcare institution on schedule, time is of the essence. However, patient and employee safety should always take first. To clean the floors adequately in each exam room, move the exam table for the best spa treatment bed facilities.

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