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Where Can You Find Contemporary Art Exhibits in Los Angeles

November 2 2021 , Written by SEO Solution Expert Published on #contemporary art exhibits Los Angeles, #Los Angeles art gallery exhibits

There are several art exhibitions held across Los Angeles almost around the year. As one of the premium art hubs in the country, the county is home to some of the most extensive and unique galleries, comprising both sprawling indoors and meticulously landscaped outdoor spaces.

The contemporary art exhibits in Los Angeles draw connoisseurs from various walks of life. Here are some of the best regions where you can find them.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is where everyone wants to be because it has become a cultural highpoint in the region. Downtown Los Angeles is a hub of boutique hotels, high-end fashion stores, and chic restaurants.

Some of the most famous contemporary galleries are located here, like Chateau Shatto, Fathom, Beta Main, The Hive Gallery, and Dove Biscuit. One of the most celebrated galleries for digital art, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is also located here.

The Art District

Only a thriving and cosmopolitan county like Los Angeles can have an entire district dedicated to art. The Los Angeles art district has seen some eye-opening exhibitions in the past, with many of the artists becoming overnight sensations due to their groundbreaking ideas and unique vision.

The best contemporary galleries here are the CES Gallery, Night Gallery, Denk Gallery, Cirrus Gallery, and Wilding Cran Gallery. They all go the extra mile to set up their galleries in unique ways possible to suit the artist's vision before an exhibition.


Los Angeles has a thriving Chinatown, and it is incredible how contemporary art has incorporated Oriental themes and motifs. The galleries here are like a fusion between the old and the new, and the artists who display their artwork come from diverse backgrounds.

The entire ambiance of the region, combined with the eclectic artwork on display here, has been featured in some of the top portals across the US. It has inspired artists and patrons to purchase work for private collections as well as for high-profile venues. Getting a chance to view the contemporary art exhibits in Los Angeles in Chinatown is highly coveted.

Contemporary artists like Truman Marquez have displayed their contemporary artwork in several galleries in Los Angeles. His exhibits are exceptional, expressive, thought-provoking, and complex ideas through abstract paintings. They are one of the best Los Angeles art gallery exhibits, and once you start exploring the other galleries, you will discover so many other talented contemporary artists.

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