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Best Spa Treatment Furniture to Get for Customers

September 1 2021 , Written by SEO Solution Expert Published on #facial table chairs, #electric treatment chair

Every spa or salon is incomplete without proper furniture and massage tables. Whether you want a massage table for your house or a massage treatment business, you should consider the various alternatives available. People select massages for a variety of reasons, regardless of where they are given. If you want to offer massage services to your clients in your salon, a massage table will be the most important investment you can make.

When it comes to the variety in spa furniture, you can find facial table chairs, massage chairs, and tables in any store. You have to search for top-notch quality furniture which is worth your investment. After all, you need a massage table to help your clients feel at ease. You can get information about some fantastic spa treatment tables that you can buy for your spa to make it more attractive. Look at these types given below:

  1. Lounge and Spa Table: The lounge table features an electric-adjustable top to facilitate positioning with a smooth and safe operation that improves client comfort. It's ideal for a wide range of spa and massage services, as well as simple relaxation or meditation like the electric treatment chair. You can store all your personal belongings, reading materials, candles, aromatherapy diffusers, or beverages on the built-in side table.

It is also supplemented with an optional Mini-Console. With its unique, minimalist design, the Mini-Console may be utilized to store these goods and serve as a convenient internal electrical power strip for music or other plug-ins.

  1. One Portable Table: These tables include a split-endplate design with a conventional plate on one end and a reiki endplate on the other, allowing you to sit with your knees under the table for seated treatments while still benefiting from the standard end's stability. The folding leg design from Oakwork enhances the number of ways you can utilize One even further.

It is not only portable but has high flexibility. Its legs fold fully flat, allowing it to be used as a floor treatment or physical therapy table. These tables sometimes complement the facial table chairs in spas.

  1. Massage Table Bed Spa: The Massage Table Bed Spa is a high-quality, low-cost choice with a money-back guarantee. It's lightweight at 28 pounds, making it easy to transport, and it has a foldable shape for easy storage. The table is durable and simple to assemble, thanks to its beech wood structure.

It is suitable for all body shapes and sizes, with a height adjustment range of 24 to 33 inches and a weight limit of 450 pounds. The table is also available in various colors to match the decor of your home or professional office. If you want then, it also does the half work of an electric treatment chair.

  1. Folding Massage Table: This type is worth considering if you're searching for a low-cost massage table that's both portable and pleasant. Some people are hesitant at first because of the low price, but it is a good buy, and as long as you don't overload this table, it should be all right. This model's cushion is 2 inches thick and built of high-density foam.

It is not as comfortable as high-end models, but it gets the job done. The face cushion is 3 inches thick and includes a washable cover. Your portable massage table comes with a carrying case, much like the previous models.

  1. Stationary Spa Table: A movable table is perfect for a masseuse who moves from one location to the next, but a permanent table will provide you with more stability if you're ready to commit to a long-term table setup. Color, base options, and top designs like flat, manual tilt, and pneumatic salon are all available with the Stationary Massage Table. 

Though it has a higher price than others, the brand's extended guarantee on the frame and upholstery should give you the confidence to test if this massage table is right for you. You can find this stationary table in various spas and salons because it has a long-lasting life than the other stretchable tables.


Now, you have read about all kinds of spa tables used for massages and other spa treatments. It's your turn to make a wise choice by looking at your budget and getting a massage table soon for your lovely spa.

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