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What Defines The Quality Of Flower Strains?

August 11 2021 , Written by SEO Solution Expert Published on #apple fritter Foggy Bottom, #big chewy nerds online

In the world of cannabis, the flower is king. It’s what everyone talks about, and it’s what you show your friends.

But how do you know if you’ve found a high-quality strain like big chewy nerds online that you can trust? To find out, look at some of the factors that define the quality of flower strains and how to spot them from as far away as possible.

The Smell of Cannabis Is the First Sign of Quality

You’ll notice a variety of smells depending on the strain, with some smelling like diesel fuel or pine while others smell like fruit, such as apple fritter foggy bottom. The scent is important as it tells you about strain development and care.

If your budtender can’t tell you what their strains smell like, odds are they aren’t paying attention to quality standards. Some strains produce better aromas than others due to genetics or growing methods.

 Good Flower Is Heavy and Dense

Although there’s no exact weight for a given amount of flour, if it’s significantly less than you expected it to be—say it weighs only half as much as you thought it would—then chances are the seller might have cheated you. As a rule, the good flower is heavy and dense. You shouldn’t be able to break off a bud easily; instead, it should snap cleanly in two or two.

Sticky, Dull, or Cracked Trichomes Are Signs of Poor Quality

Trichomes are tiny resin glands found on cannabis flowers. When you look at a close-up picture of good quality buds like apple fritter foggy bottom, what you’re seeing is an abundance of crystal-clear trichomes that have been coated in shiny, sticky THC resin. However, if those trichomes are damaged or discolored, it means that they didn’t develop properly and will contain far less THC than usual if any at all.

Flower That Has Been Properly Cured Will Taste Good and Burn Well

To be blunt, poorly cured cannabis tastes bad and won’t burn well. When you inhale smoke from joints containing poor-quality flowers, it feels like you are dragging embers into your lungs. If you want to enjoy your herb, buy from reliable sources and make sure that they use proper storage techniques to cure their flower properly. You can also check out big chewy nerds online in case you couldn’t find one that fits your bill.

Summing Up

As you can see, there is no such thing as a universally best strain. If you ask ten people which their favorite strains are, you’ll likely get ten different answers, and they’ll all be equally valid. What it comes down to is a personal preference. For example, if you like apple fritter foggy bottom, do yourself a favor and don’t smoke anything else! You won’t enjoy it as much anyway.


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